DSM Laser Cutting specialise in advanced laser cutting services, from designing through to cutting.

Lasers are amazing technology, anything can be achieved with a clever design, correct material selection, highly trained staff and the latest laser machinery. We are an end to end company, thus we manage your project from design to completion. No design is too complex!

At present we have 2 flat bed networked laser cutters, with the ability to cut a variety of materials including:

Sheet metal 0.5 to 16mm thick

Stainless steel 0.05mm to 8mm thick

Aluminium up to 6mm

Cardboard Multi-stack cutting

Plastics up to 25mm thick

Wood up to 40mm


Additionally, DSM possess Rotary Axis capacity for etching and cutting intricate shapes into pipe and RHS lengths.

The supporting system is the latest version of Sheetworks with FEA (Feature Engineering Analysis) and Sigmanest, accepting industry standard DXF DWG files.

DSM Oxy Cutting,designing and cutting thick sheet materials.

DSM’s Oxy Cutter possesses the ability to cut All steel types up to 75mm.

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